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Q: How can you help me?

Our private funding programs give you access to a wide range of loan options available to business owners and real estate investors outside of traditional institutions.

These alternative options are most commonly used when a business owner or investor cannot obtain the terms they want by going to a regular bank.


  • Business Financing
    Up to $750K deposited into your back account fast​. Competitive rates. Interest is tax deductible**. Flexible pay back terms with options to reduce payments and extend loan term Who is this for?​ Established business looking for large sums to grow their business or pay off debt, but don't want to put up collateral for the loan. Looking for flexible repayment options and minimal paperwork. Repayment term up to 36 months. Extensions and refinance available. ​Qualifications? 30 days or more in business Minimum gross monthly income ($17,000/month) Minimum credit score of 551+ Income deposited into business bank account Able to provide 3 month's bank statements Brick and mortal (physical location) businesses are preferred. We can fund Software and eCommerce businesses with the minimum gross monthly income. Must be in preferred industries*** **We recommend consulting with professional tax advisors for your specific situation ***Preferred industries are always changing - apply now to see if you qualify.​
  • Real Estate Loans
    Up to $5M+ for Acquisition, Cash-out refinance, and Term refinance Who is this for Established, First-time, and Foreign Real Estate investors looking to get funds quickly to expand their portfolio Flex-Term Investor​ (long-term) 1-4 unit, 5+ Multifamily, Mixed-use, Commercial 30 year term (fully amortized) Fixed-rate 10 year I/O option for cashflow focused investors Can refinance our bridge loan into this 30 year term 90% combined LTV with seller finance or 2nd lien lender. ​ Flex Interest Only ​(bridge) Aquire and cashflow quickly 24-month I/O Single family, 2-4 unit 2nd Lien Liquidity (bridge) Cash-out equity in your commercial property 12 to 36-month I/O 5+ Multifamily and Commercial properties
  • Startup Loans
    Up to $300,000 unsecured loan deposited into your bank account fast. Competitive rates. Interest is tax deductible**. Up to 7 years flexible pay back terms. Soft credit check*** Who is this for Pre-revenue business Young business unable to secure a loan or credit with a conventional bank or other lender ​Qualifications Credit score of 650 or better Minimum of $50,000 personal annual income Ability to provide last 2 pay stubs and/or last 2 years of tax returns No recent bankruptcy (last 3-4 years) Less than 50% credit card balance utilization **We recommend consulting with professional tax advisors for your specific situation ***We run a soft credit report pull from Experian that does not affect your credit score
  • Business Line of Credit
    Up to $1,000,000 Line of Credit ​Competitive interest. Tax deductible** ​Unsecured funding. Flexible repayment options. Who is this for?​ Business looking to access large sums of capital ongoing to fuel growth, manage cashflow, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise - all with minimal paperwork and flexible terms. ​Qualifications?​ 30 days or more in business Challenged credit is ok (credit score of 551+) Minimum gross monthly income $17,00/month Deposits in business bank account Ability to show proof of business income / bank statements Brick and mortal (physical location) businesses are preferred. We can fund Software and eCommerce businesses with the minimum gross monthly income. Must be in preferred industries*** **We recommend consulting with professional tax advisors for your specific situation ***Preferred industries are always changing - apply now to see if you qualify.
  • What is the Maximum LTV (Loan-to-Value)?
    Maximum LTV (Loan-to-Value)
  • Do you have down payment assistance?
    ✅ Yes we allow down payment assistance from outside sources (ie personal loans, friends, gap funders, etc). ✅ The funds must be in your bank account prior to scheduling a close, but we don't have 'source of funds' seasoning. All we verify is that you have the funds to close, not how long you had the funds. ✅ We do-not provide downpayment assistance, but we can refer you to our partner who can provide personal loans if you have strong credit and income 🔗 Apply Here
  • What is the overall loan process?
    0️⃣ Fill out the "Get Your Funds" form to get a quote 1️⃣ Complete and sign application 2️⃣ Review quote and consent to terms 3️⃣ Receive conditional loan approval term sheet 4️⃣ Sign term sheet and provide appraisal deposit (via Docusign) 7️⃣ Document collection (you will receive a custom upload link) 5️⃣ Appraisal, Credit, Title, and Insurance is ordered and reviewed by underwriting 8️⃣ Review final closing statements 9️⃣ Schedule closings where funds will be wired to complete the transaction
  • What are the Borrower Qualifications?
    ✅ 650 and higher credit score for maximum LTV ✅ Letter of explanation may be needed for derogatory items found on credit report ✅ First time investor trying to purchase a 1-unit single family property must own their primary home. However, you can purchase 2+ units property without restrictions. ✅ Foreign Nationals and Permanent Residents are welcome to apply ✅ There is no credit score qualification for some bridge programs
  • Will these loans impact my Credit or Debt to Income?
    ✅ NO. These are asset based loans that are NOT reported to the credit bureaus ✅ The loan is qualified on the property, NOT on personal income or tax returns. ✅ However, as part of the application we may do a credit check to verify credit score and any derogatory items (we work with damaged credit). ✅ We have no credit check options for bridge loans.
  • What type of properties do we lend on?
    ✅ Single Family Residence, including House, Townhome, Condo ✅ 2 to 4 Units, including Duplex, Triplex, Quadplex ✅ 5+ Multi-Family Units including small apartment buildings ✅ Mixed use properties where the commercial side is Office, Warehouse or Retail ✅ Office buildings (non-retail sales) ✅ Warehouse (must have a small office space) ✅ Retail buildings ✅ Self-storage properties ✅ Automotive buildings (excluding gas stations or properties with underground holding tanks) ✅ Mobile Home Park (homes must be on somewhat permanent foundation) ✅ Commercial Condo (must be warrantable) ✅ Day care facility ✅ Industrial properties
  • Can I close the property in my Business Entity or Personal Name?
    ✅ We can close in your business entity OR personal name. Your choice. ✅ Our partner network may require to close in a business entity
  • What States do you lend in?
    In-house financing (30 year, 12 - 36 month bridge): ✅ We lend in most states Nationwide (USA only). We do not lend in: ❌ Minnesota, ❌ North Dakota ❌ South Dakota ❌ Vermont ❌ Utah ⚠️ Illinois (We can only lend on 1 to 4 units. No commercial) We broker loans in the following states: ✅ Arizona ✅ California ✅ Idaho ✅ Nevada ✅ Oregon --------------- 2nd Lien cash-out and Large commercial bridge: ✅ Our partners lend to all states Nationwide (USA only), excluding Texas at this time.
  • Do you have seasoning requirements on cash-out or term refinances?
    ✅ We have no seasoning requirements for term refinance ✅ We typically have up to 12 month seasoning requirements for cash-out refinance ✅ We provide loans based on what the property appraises for today ✅ If renovations are recent, we may ask for proof that the improvements took place
  • Are you a Lender or Broker?
    ✅ We are a boutique Private Lender and Broker ✅ We also broker Small Business and Start-up loans.
  • How long does it take to close a loan?
    ✅ We usually take anywhere from 7 to 40 days to close after a signed application is received. ✅ This is dependent on the loan program, loan type, property type, and what is found on the credit report, appraisal report, and title report.
  • What are the Terms and Costs of the loan?
    Loan Terms: ✅ 30 year fixed rate (long-term), 5 year pre-pay standard. Can reduce to 1 year with 1 point at closing. ✅ 12 month fixed rate (bridge), no pre-pay penalty. 6 month extension for 1 point. ✅ 24 month fixed rate (bridge), no pre-pay penalty. ✅ Up to 36 month fixed rate (2nd Lien commercial cash-out)
  • What is the Minimum and Maximum Loan amounts?
    Minimum loan amounts: ✅ $75,000 appraised value for property ✅ $50,000 loan amount Maximum loan amounts: ✅ $2,000,000* for 1-4 unit residential ✅ $5,000,000* for 5-unit+ multifamily to commercial ✅ $5,000,000 for 2nd Lien commercial cash-out (partner) ✅ $30,000,000+ for large commercial bridge (partner) * We can go higher on exception basis depending on property location
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