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Ground-Up Construction

Ground-Up Construction

Up to $4,000,000+ (1 to 4 units, Townhomes)

Up to 75% LTV on purchase.

Up to 75% LTARV on total loan.

Up to 90% LTC on total loan

Up to 24 month term

Purchase, Refinance,

  • 1-4 Unit, Townhomes

  • Non-dutch interest options (only pay on what you use)

  • Option to roll reserves and closing cost into loan


For experienced builders and investors, ground up construction loans to get your project rolling quickly, with seamless and efficient application and approval process for new construction loans.

  • Experienced with ground-up or deep rehab (to studs)

  • 650+ preferred credit score, depending on experience

  • No Income verification

  • No Tax verification

  • No Asset verification

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