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Long Term Investor

Long Term Investor

Up to $2,000,000+ (1 to 4 units)

Up to $5,000,000+ (5+-unit, Commercial)

Up to 30 year fixed-rate term

Up to 10 year interest only option

Up to 75% LTV and 90%  CLTV (with 2nd lien / seller financing)

Purchase, Refinance, Cash-out refinance

  • 1-4 Unit Investor (SFR, Condo, Duplex, Triplex...)

  • Multi family (5+ unit)

  • Mixed-use

  • Small commercial


For Rental and small Commercial Investors looking for a mortgage solution to lower monthly expenses, and avoid balloon payments with interest-only, long-term, and fixed-rate options on a 30 year term.

  • 650+ FICO preferred.

  • Individuals or Business Entity OK

  • Damaged credit is OK

  • First-time & Foreign investors OK

  • No Income, Tax, Asset, verification

  • No DSCR requirement option

  • Leverage DSCR for best rates

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