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Investor Mortgage Capital 

Funding solutions for independent real estate investors to secure your next opportunity - for acquisition, value add, and cash out refinance.

We offer nationwide in-house financing and easy underwriting.

No Income or Tax Verification.

Asset based financing that is not reported to credit bureaus.

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For Investors wanting a 30 year term mortgage solution, with interest only, no balloon payment, and a fixed-rate.


2-4 units

Multi-family 5+ units


Small Commercial 


For sophisticated commercial real estate investors, who are asset rich and need liquidity now, without refinancing their existing commercial mortgage. 

Multi-family, Office,

Retail, Self-storage,

Industrial, Warehouse

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For investors who want to act fast on an opportunity with interest only from 12 to 24 months, low payments, high LTV, and no pre-pay fee.  With or without rehab.


2-4 units

Options in TX, AZ, TN, CO

NO Appraisal. 

NO Credit Check.
Construction & Land Loans 

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To jump ahead and get a term sheet fast, you can skip the pre-approval form and fill out the application directly.

Real Estate

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